LiFePO4 battery

LiFePO4 batteries, known for their safety and long lifespan, are increasingly used in off-grid energy, backup systems, and electric vehicles. They're emerging as the preferred lithium battery over traditional lithium-ion types, largely due to their nickel and cobalt-free composition. These batteries often last a decade with minimal maintenance, making them ideal for solar and off-grid applications.

LiFePo4 cell  3.2V 60Ah

LiFePo4 cell 3.2V 60Ah

 3.2V 60Ah Nominal voltage 3,2V Capacity 60Ah Energy 192 Wh Cont. dis. current 180A..

149.00€ Ex Tax: 120.16€
LiFePo4 cell  3.2V 100Ah

LiFePo4 cell 3.2V 100Ah

 3.2V 100Ah Nominal voltage 3,2V Capacity 100Ah Energy 320 Wh Cont. dis. current 20..

248.00€ Ex Tax: 200.00€
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