• In Suomen EnergiaTehdas Oy:s heat pump are :
  • Scroll EVI type compressor
  • Large stainless steel plate exchangers for source side, for heating side and for EVI loop
  • Power selection SET 10 kW we recommend for cases 6 to 10 kW. SET 25 kW we recommend for cases 12 - 25 kW. 

The SET heat pump produces heat and cold energy cost-effectively. The SET heat pump is one of the most energy and cost efficient ways to produce heat and cold at the same time.

The SET heat pump is a particularly excellent device if heat and cold are used in the same building as a restaurant, hotel, kitchen, farm, industrial, manufacturing process.

SET heat pumps are suitable for systems that use waste heat, eg waste water heat.

SET heat pumps are ideal for a system that uses a cold and heat accumulator.
Heat output maximum + 50C, cold output maximum - 20C
SET10 EVI MultiUse Heat pump
SET10 EVI Heat pumpRated cooling capacity 10 kw - 20C Rated heating capacity 9 kw + 50C S..
SET25 EVI MultiUse Heat pump
SET25 EVI Heat pumpRated cooling capacity 25 kw Rated heating capacity 23 kw ..
M2,6 MultiUse Heat pump
M2,6 Heat pump Rated heating capacity 2,6 kw Scroll compressor  Max outlet water tem..
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