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High power solar micro inverter: direct energy conversion from solar panels to AC 230V grid. The best product on the market! Power rating of up to 248W real output. Connect to solar panels up to 300Wp and more. 

Micro-inverters convert DC electricity (30V to 40V DC) from a single solar panel (250Wp to 300Wp) to ordinary 230V AC electricity. The 230V AC electricity from one or more micro-inverters is connected together and sent straight to the home or facility's distribution panel for consumption.

Maximal power from the sun

Attaching a micro-inverter to each solar module in a solar array enables the micro-inverter to optimize the power available from the module and combine the electricity produced with the output from all other micro-inverters. This approach optimizes the energy production and results in a solar system that is resilient to environmental factors, is more reliable, and simplifies design, installation and system monitoring.

Micro-Inverter is MICRO!

With Micro-Inverter it is easy to make even very small installations. You can have a solar project with just ONE solar panel. This is not possible with the ordinary central inverters that usually have 1.5 kW or more power. Now you can start from just one panel. This is the ideal solution for the GridFree projects.

Features & Benefits of the Micro-Inverter Technology

More Productive

  • Allows for 5 - 16% increased power harvest per module
  • Maximizes output from each module
  • Prevents under-performing modules from affecting other modules
  • Better “low-light” performance than traditional inverters
  • Lesser loss of energy by using short DC cables

More Reliable

  • Long lifetime and reliability, up to 30 years.
  • Full protection against dust, humidity and dirt
  • Allows quicker and simpler module troubleshooting
  • Simple exchange of one defective inverter

Simple and easy

  • Eliminates the need for combiner boxes and string wiring, thus reducing overall wiring, conduit, and miscellaneous components
  • Avoids space requirements and noise from central inverters

Safe and risk-free

  • Absolute safety, system using low voltage
  • Eliminates system downtime due to central inverter failure
  • Reduces the risks associated with high-voltage DC string wiring
  • Completely limited fire related risks with DC (only 50V DC, only 250W per module)

Maximally Economical

  • Ensures maximum power at all times
  • Optimizes system revenue for years

Electric parameters of MicroInverter

Input (DC)

Input DC Power: 250Wp/200Wp ~ 260Wp (300Wp and more possible)
Max. Voltage without load: 50V (Voc of module)
MPPT voltage: 24-40V
Max. Input current: 10,4A

Output (AC)

Nominal AC power @ 25°C: 230W up to 240W
Nominal AC current: 1,02A
Working voltage range: 230V – 184V ~264V
Frequency of grid: 50Hz 47Hz ~ 51Hz
Max. Permanent input current: 1,3A
Connection: One phase
Separation: high frequency transformer – 230V grid is completely galvanic separated from DC input
Maximum amount of Inverters in string: not limited, typically up to 16
Efficiency: 95,2%

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