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Solar energy storage into water.


  • The intelligent control unit controls all unused electrical energy directly for heating water, in which case the inverter is not required. by DC Direct operating solar power systems DC special heating element.
  • Multi-Heat battery that stores solar energy, and that the rest of the heat energy into the water. The same charger to produce hot water and heat water all year round. Solar energy enables the collection of both electricity and heat.
  • This package is the right choice when you want to get electricity and heat from the sun.
  • All the solar energy from 100% for their own use without loss.
  • Get access to electricity and the heating system in one package!

    Advantages of the system: 

    1. The system will enhance the use of solar panels considerably.
    2. All electrical energy from the sun, is used either in the form of electricity or heat energy into the water.
    3. the transfer of heat into the water takes place without energy losses generated by the inverter. Heat accumulator is considerably cheaper and more durable compared to the battery package.
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