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Energy storage unit 3,2KWh is a completely new modular lithium-ion energy storage unit for coupling with photovoltaic-, wind- and hydro-powered systems. It stores the energy that is currently not required, is easy to install. The result is the economically optimized operation of your supply system.


In addition, excess energy can be fed into the grid at the specifically correct time - namely precisely when it is needed there and receives a correspondingly high compensation.


1. Li-polymer battery

2. Charger AC 240V

3. Charger DC for solar power.

4. Inverter AC 240V

1. Battery: Samsung li-ion battery 3.2KWH
2. Output: Rated Output Power: 1500W Peak output: 2250W
Output Voltage: 100/110/120V&220/230/240V
Output Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Overload Ability: 120%UPS function: yes
On/Off Grid: Off Grid
Max Efficiency: 92%(>70% load)
3. AC Charge: Input Voltage: 88~364Vac 50/60Hz ±5Hz Power Factor: >0.94(full load)
Max charge Power: 600W
Max Efficiency:>92%
4. PV charge: Max input power: 1200W
Start-up Voltage: 75Vdc
MTTP amount: 2
MPPT Input Voltage: 75~140 Vdc; max 150Vdc
MPPT Efficiency: 99.5%; max 96%
Solar charging model: MPPT
5. Relative Humidity: 5%~90%
6. Temperature: 0-45
7. Dimension: 580x300x600m Pack Dimension: 657x375x645mm
8. N.W: 47KG G.W: 50KG

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