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SET25 EVI Heat pump

Rated cooling capacity 25 kw
Rated heating capacity 22 kw

  • Scroll EVI compressor 
    Max outlet water temperature 54℃ 
    COP 4,68 according European Standard :EN14511-2
  • Source (ethanol) temperature can be set up -25C 
    can use with special solar/air heating system Polarsol.
  • EVI system,
  • Power 380V/50HZ 
    Noise 35Db(a) 
    Dimension (L*W*H) in milimeter 850*540*750 
    Power 380V/50HZ 
    Noise 35 Db(a) 
    Refrigerant R410A 
    Water source heat exchanger type - stainless steel plate heat exchanger 
    Hot water side heat exchanger stainless steel plate heat exchanger 
    Ground Water flow m3/h 
    Ground Water pressure down 34Kpa 
    Pipe size 1" 
  • Nominal Voltage 380V~415V 50Hz
  • Cooling capacity 25 kw
  • Hating Capacity 22 kW
  • Power Consuption 5.34kW
  • Soft start
  • Scroll EVI type compressor
  • Coefficient of Performance 4.68 (EN 14511/EN255) EN 14511
  • Performance Data at B0/W35
  • Max. Operating Current 12.6A
  • Operating Range Evaporator 0.15~0.8Mpa
  • Max. Operating Pressure heat suorce 0.8Mpa
  • Operating Range Condenser 1.0~3.6Mpa
  • Max. Operating Pressure heating 3.6Mpa
  • Operating Ambient Temp. - 25 / +40℃
  • Refrigerant R407A 4 kg
  • Stainless steel body
  • Full insulation inside

Power selection SET 25 kW we recommend for cases 15 to 25 kW. Note.! If 25 kW heat pump used in 15 -23 kW case - consumption is the same but the service life is longer - heat pump create heat for heating system faster and start time is less.


  • 5 years
  • 24h spare parts service
  • Optional 25 years service 24h

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